My academic research interests are disability, queer disability, and sound studies in Latin American and Latinx cultural artifacts. I’m a doctoral candidate in the Latin American, Iberian, and Latino Program at the Graduate Center, CUNY.


“Into a Soundstate: Oksana Linde” in Switched On: The Dawn of Electronic Sound by Latin American Women (Contingent Sounds).

Past presentations:

“The Gloria Evangelina Anzaldúa Papers”. Fellows Showcase at the Center for Latin American, Caribbean, and Latino Studies. The Graduate Center, CUNY. Nov 2nd. 2023.

“The Reeducation of the Left: The Hand of Cándido López”. Disability in the Vast Early Americas. University of Notre Dame. October 20-21, 2023.

“I Seek Shelter: Queerness, Illness, and the Posthuman in Feliciano Centurion’s work”. University of Cambridge Gender and Sexuality History Workshop Eastern 2023.

“Women and Electronic Music in Late Twentieth Century Venezuela”, University of Cambridge Gender and Sexuality History Workshop Michaelmas 2022.

“Ciborg y estado fallido en Arca”, XVII Congreso Internacional ALEPH en University of Cambridge. 22 de agosto de 2022.